I can’t belive it


Last week, after the job interview I went back to try to work a couple of hours. Today I sent a message asking how it looked and here is what he told me:

He said that I was not really experienced enough but they thought I was really nice (“sød”) and wanted to give me a shot anyway! That means that I will have a sort of trial period where I get to know the routines and such and my hours a week will slowly grow from there. That means ladys and gentlemen, that I got a job!


I don’t believe it.




Since I don’t have a job yet I use most of my current days at home. My boyfriend is one of those grownups with a real job and stuff so I am mostly stuck at home, alone. Yes, I know that kind of makes me a temporary housewife… Damnit.

But I have come to realize the wonders of being a housewife. It is so satisfying doing the dishes and the feeling I get when I make the apartment nice for Christmas, it’s just fantastic. I probably take too much joy in having nice boxes, glasses and bottles for spices and tea. But I just can’t help it.

Not to mention the awesome reality show I get to listen to. You see, the walls of our apartment isn’t really soundproof… I mean, I can hear the neighbour peeing. And there is one neighbour, the one to the left, who is regularly shouting once in a while. I think he lives alone so I have guessed that the TV is the one he is shouting to. But still, you never know.

I know all you fabulous feminists out there is probably hatin’ on me right now, but hear me out. As an independent and strong woman it is my right to enjoy the same thing most women did in the 50’s. There is nothing wrong buying napkins, candles and flowers instead of ice cream and candy when I’m down.

I know I will go insane if this was to be my new life, but just for a month or so, it is actually quite nice. Of course except the long days when I’m terribly lonely.

Yeah, I should get out of the house more often…

I will show you a couple of examples of how awesome it is to be a houswife..

The Danish Language


Disclaimer: this is meant a bit ironic and as a joke. I mean no ofene or disrespect, and I really like the Danish language.

Ah, yes, the Danish language. I feel like this is a matter that needs to be discussed. You see, for us Norwegians reading the Danish Language is like reading Norwegian letters from the 1800’s, but when they open their mouth and speak it’s just.. how can I describe it.. they have a potato in their mouth…

I’m not saying this to be mean, but when I was a kid we used to try to take a small potato in the back of our mouth and then pretending to talk Danish. This is common knowledge for everyone, perhaps except the Danes themselves. Because if they knew, one would think they would change their speaking habits. But no, they keep saying “røget ørred fra Rødovre” or as they would pronounce it: “Rø rørø fø rørørø”.

Please Danes, don’t you see that this reflects badly on the rest of us in Scandinavia. With your counting in snes and when I, out of habit say “good bye” (hade bra) to the guy behind the counter in the store, he replies “thanks..umh.. likewise”. You don’t understand what I mean if I don’t use your type of good bye. And people, the Danish way to say good bye translate directly to “hi hi”. Double negative is positive or something? What?

You can’t even understand yourself. Danish media announced that films spoken in Danish will be subtitled with Danish text because Danish actors mumbles too much. If you don’t understand what I mean watch this Norwegian sketch on the subject.

Although, I have heard that there is some advantages with this “special” language. As my friend Jorg told me: “According to legend, in Denmark during World War II, border guards would screen homecoming Danes by making them say aloud the name of the Danish dessert rødgrød med fløde—berry pudding with cream. (To approximate the sound of these words, say them while gargling and whistling.) Apparently, even the craftiest Danish-seeming German infiltrator could not pass this simple test. The Danish ear recognized its own.”

Fortunately, to my grandmothers disapproval, I am taking a Danish course in January and perhaps then I will see the beauty of your language, sweet Danes.

Ps. Sorry if you got kränkt.


Special bond


I’ve read a lot of Scandinavia and the world comics lately. I think the writer has really hit something right on the spot. I love how she describes the relationship between Norway and Denmark. They are like best friends, lovers and brothers at the same time (that didn’t sound right). I feel like Norwegians and Danes are a bit like that. No offence Sweden, I like you a lot, but there’s just something special about the bond Norway and Denmark possesses.

I don’t know why though. Can anyone tell me?


Hobbitten II


(Yes, that is the Danish title…)

Ermahgerd!!! Mind. Blown!

The awesome Danish role-playing organisation Bifrost arranged a secret pre-preview of the sequel in the Hobbit trilogy (that was weird to write). Me and my lovely boyfriend headed to the cinema Dagmar after my job interview and then got our minds blow. I won’t write to much about it because I am no spoiler, but I will say this:

hobbit_barrelThe barrel scene!!!

Interesting morning


Mmmmorning… Oh my dawg! My head is spinning and my stomach apparently wants to get out through my mouth. Just great. The day of my first job interview in Denmark is of course the day I’m sick for the first time in forever. Just my luck. I thought I would faint when I brushed my teeth, but I discovered that it was the kitchen floor I was meeting today. After my faceplant in the kitchen I was just about to head to the interview when I got to see the half apple I had managed to eat, coming up again. That at least stilled the nausea until I got to the S-train. I stumbled my way to the interview and arrived just a couple of minutes late due to the fact that I had walked 10 minutes in the wrong direction first.

The interview was very pleasant. The guy I talked with was really nice and the cafe was lovely. I was a bit awkward though, but at least I smiled the whole time. He made me a really good latte and it was all in all a very terrifying and nice experience.

I really do hope I get the job, but I’m not so optimistic due to my young age and lack of experience. Nevertheless I’m heading back later this week so they can see how I work and so on. I’m excited and very nervous. I really hope I get the job!

Job interview



getlstd-property-photoSince I am moving to Copenhagen, and I’m not planning to study in the nearest future, I need a job. I have sent out application after application, but I am aware that it is more difficult to get a job in Denmark, than in Norway. Given my language and young age I was not very optimistic..

But I have an interview tomorrow! I didn’t think i would go this fast.

The job is at a cafe near Kastrup Airport, and it is called Cafe Le Perr. I am nervous out of my mind! Okay, remember to breathe…

Wish me luck! 😀