What a perfect day.


My Christmas present for Allan was tickets to see the “Skammarens Datter” marathon, theatre based on a fantasy series I loved when I was younger (and I still do). We saw it yesterday and man, my head got blown. Luckily for me it was quite a long time ago I read the books so I only remembered bits of the tale and was surprised, exited, scared, happy and angry throughout the six hours we where there. You see, they did book 1 and 2 with dinner in the middle.

We had the best seats one could wish for, the food was really great and medieval, I had the best company in the whole world and it really made me feel special.

We had a lovely walk back home just in time to change into really brown clothing. We were invited to a 30th birthday celebration with 70’s theme. My darling had bought the most delightfully awful jacket and I went full out apache. It was such a great party and lots of new and old awesome friends.

I could not have wished for a better day ❤

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Grow up


I did similar posts on my previous blog (12, 3) but I may have changed views since I have now tried being a grown up for a month or two.

It’s fucking hard. Excuse my language but it is. Why didn’t anyone prepare me for this. I thought that as soon as I turned 18 I would understand. When realisation hit me and I felt no different from when I was 17 I hoped that at least with time it would get better. Still all the “encouragement” I get is the sentence “yeah, I know, we real grownups think it’s hard and really difficult too”. So you mean it doesn’t get better?! Snip dangit.

We were brainwashed as kids. When I was little I always wanted, as every child did, to be older. First I wanted to start school and then I wanted to be a teenager. When I was thirteen i wanted to be sixteen and when I was sixteen I wanted to be eighteen. I almost wish I stayed at age five longer.

I guess I haven’t change view on life since I wrote the last post. I still wish the book “Life for dummies” existed and that I could somehow hack life.

The job I mentioned I got? Yeah, well, I haven’t heard from them since before Christmas, and they don’t respond to my messages. It’s a major step back and the obligatory self disappointment comes with it. 

My brother and I at the day of my 18th birthday,

My brother and I at the day of my 18th birthday,



Date night! Seems like ages since we went out, but today we went to the movies. I have wanted to see Frozen for a long time and dragged Allan along.

It’s not much to say about it really. The movie was nice and so sweet that we were close to getting diabetes. It was classic Disney with prince charming, prince not-so-charming, a funny sidekick, animals with a lot of body language, princesses and castles. The aesthetics was wonderful and at the end of the movie we were so exited the we held around each other until we were almost crushed. And yes Allan though the movie was ever so cute (but don’t tell anyone!)

Afterwards we went to an Irish pub and got something hot to drink. The cider was mediocre and the atmosphere less than nice, so we went home pretty quickly and gamed some Lol.

I will say, go see Frozen! It will make you laugh, I promise.November 1st, 2013 @ 20:51:56

Our house


..in the middle of the street.

When I moved in with Allan the apartment got a bit crammed. He almost hadn’t room enough for his own clothes, and no where near mine. Since then we have had numerous trips to IKEA, some more productive than others. We (mostly Allan) have built so much closet that we deserve a medal. Still there is so much more to build. We need shelves, a new bed, tables, lamps, drawers etc, and it’s not free either.

I thought I had no problem managing a minimalistic style, but I realise that I need room for my systems. With all the time I use in this apartment, this has become more and more important. If we don’t fix this soon I think I might go insane. It’s not that we’re not working on it, it just takes time and money. Why can’t the crew on extreme home makeovers pay a visit?

Does anyone have any tips or tricks that might help?2014-01-07 16.04.58

Meeting his parents


Since Allan and I are in the same crowd as my mom there where nothing ritual when Allan met her and since I lived home my dad was quite impossible to avoid (not that we tried). It was nice and nothing big. But meeting his parents… Oh my dawg.

I didn’t really have to be nervous, but I was. Of course I was. Here I am stealing their little boy. Not exactly, but I felt like it was a big deal. I had met his mother once, and it was really nice, but this time I was going to their home and stay for the night.

We had a lovely train trip to Fredericia where he grew up. The house was big and beautiful and filled up with wonderful paintings, statues and plants. Both his parents are nice and sweet and I realized of course that I had nothing to worry about.

It was just the relaxing weekend we needed. I didn’t even check my facebook once throughout the whole stay! Instead we walked to the beach, took a long nice bath in the tub, had easy and nice conversations and made music together.

It was very relaxing letting the rest of the world do it’s thing for a while and not pay attention.


Coming home for Christmas


After a good long holyday, I really need another holiday. I went home to Oslo for Christmas and had an ambivalent time. My family is quite extraordinary and loud. There is never a quiet moment at dinner and there are feelings, both good and bad, everywhere. It is lovely and really exhausting. Of course it was also splendid in so many ways and my family is just amazing, but it was also the last time I lived home for real. Actually it felt a bit like I was on vacation and not home, but it was still the “coming back home”-feeling. Weird stuff.

I loved the Christmas feeling i got from Oslo, my family and all our old traditions. I’m an old lady in many was and one of them is my feeling about traditions. I simply love them and I have the hardest time parting from them. But luckily my family Christmas hadn’t changed too much. We decorated the tree 23rd and sang for it the morning after (with Aquavit, which I always pretend-drink). We ate rice porridge with grandmother at my dad’s and went to Nesodden and my other grandmothers new apartment to celebrate Christmas Eve with my mother, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandmother and my mothers fiancé.

We had such a lovely time. The dinner was delightful with all the right ingredients and we ended up on the floor laughing after dancing around the Christmas tree (thanks to my Swedish uncle, who don’t know the Norwegian lyrics and danced  the hoola instead). The presents were so thoughtful and nice and this was the first year I could notice my being “grown up”. I got numerous pair of woollen socks and underwear (which I had wished for) and stuff like candlestick, teapot, creams and beauty products and last but not least a course for drivers license! The last one gives me grown-up-points, but does not make me grown up though.

The rest of my stay in Oslo was family dinner parties and a trip to Tryvann ski-centre with my brother. It was fun seeing him trying out his new “telemark-ski” but not so fun skiing in the rain.

The evening of 27th I took the plane back to Copenhagen. I wanted to be there for the morning of 29th so I could surprise Allan with cake and present on the bed for his birthday. That same evening we celebrated it with a Norway themed party (it was his idea!). I made waffles for 40 people and we drank aquavit. It was all in all a big success and a great evening. Allan was happy and I did my duties as a good girlfriend.

I had the best new years eve I have had in many years. We celebrated with his friends in real Danish spirit. There were good food, bubbles to drink and we watched (THE WRONG VERSION) Dinner for one (Grevinnen og hovmesteren in Norwegian). When the clock stroke twelve we jumped off a chair and in to the new year (wonderful Danish culture..) and we watched the magnificent fireworks from the window. I called my parents and wept of joy and nervous excitement for the new year. It was the greatest evening in a long time (thank you darling).

So the new year begins and I finally have my name on the doorbell and mailbox. We are almost finished with the ikea-hell and this weekend I met both his parents. And one last exciting news: I am officially a citizen of Denmark

My borther trying out his new telemark-ski

My borther trying out his new telemark-ski

Christmas Eve

All the child me an Allan could wish for. It's name is Trevor (Træ-vår)

All the child me and Allan could wish for. It’s name is Trevor (Træ-vår)