Old Cat Lady


Since I work evenings and don’t work fulltime yet I use a lot of time alone in our apartment. At the beginning it was nice having so much time to do what ever I want. After a while though one get kind of tired of tv-series and the same game over and over again. I believe I would have become a gameoholic if I hadn’t sucked so much at gaming. I have three games i circulate, but one is for children, the other only played by children and the third made when I was I child. I see a patern..

I tried reading books. It is no surprise that I love it, but I have a really hard time picking books. At the moment I am in love with Patrick Rothfuss and the Kingkiller Chronicles and have started reading the first book for the second time. I like generic fantasy, i shouldn’t be that hard, but I find it enormously difficult to start a new unknown book.

I’ve vacuumed the house, but I don’t dare to go down to the washing room in the cellar because I am convinced there is angels and silence down there (and yes i have began watching Doctor Who).

So I result in staring at the wall and listening to the neighbours. Not that I have a choice because we can hear everything, and I mean everything. And it is probably scientifically proven that staring at the wall for to long makes people go mad.

I have solved sudoku, stared out the window like an old lady, played solitare and done the dishes Allan where supposed to do, but the sad part is that I have a lot of important things to do. I could have taken my drivers licence, opened a Danish bank account, exercised and volunteered, but no.

I am going to get a cat. No, not just one, at least seven! They can be my furry best friends and I can listen to the neighbours and peek out the window without feeling wierd. Hah, I found my new purpouse in life!


CPH Fashion Week


I haven’t really paid attention to this fashion week-thingy, but I am living with Copenhagen’s best dressed man. That means that I had to visit it at some point. And my suspicions were right. I messed up dinner at Friday so we dressed up and went to Restaurant Vincent for dinner. It was a lovely, three course meal. We got a thick, spicy pumpkin soup as appetizer, which were followed by a lovely, creamy risotto. We picked my favourite dish as main course, comfit de canard (duck) and while Allan ate a mediocre crème brulée, I got some tasty apple pie with vanilla ice and melon cubes. Nice wine and magnificent company made a splendid meal.

We wanted to go out for cocktails after and Allan remembered he was invited to the pre-preparty for Tag Heuer at Herrenes Magasin. We thought that it was just as good as any other place and there were nice clothes, bubbles and interesting and funny speeches. We arrived a bit late so it wasn’t long before the party went over to the incredibly hip nightclub “Zen”. It was a weird feeling that the bouncer greeted us with a smile and removed the chain in front of the door for us. You have to keep in mind that I just turned eighteen a couple of months ago and have always felt that the bouncers are my enemy. But I guess not any more.

There were long hallways, like a labyrinth to get to the terrace where the prepary was at. Since we’re a form of geeks we both felt we were entering unknown territory and was suspicious by nature. The terrace were really crowded and we almost died in the attempt to get to the bar. After a while we found some of the guys from the pre-prepary and it turned out to be really interesting conversations. We all admitted that this was a bit out of our comfort zone, but you know, free drinks and stuff. Me and Allan planned to just take a look downstairs at the real Tag Heuer-pary and then probably go to a different place when there were too many snobs and “too-cool-for-you” people at Zen.

When we first got down we had a bit of a laugh. There were a lot of people and cool music, but no one at the dance floor. Everyone stood by the walls and looked kind of awkward. I thought if that’s what the cool fashion parties are like we could just as well go to a high school prom.

We ended up at Herrenes Magasin’s table and got more bubbles to drink. Luckily the people there were, contrary from the majority of the party, really nice and interesting. So we stayed, got more drinks and danced on the tables. I didn’t expect to stay at Zen for long, but in the end, we danced the night through. What a nice surprise of a evening.

At Restaurant Vincent

At Restaurant Vincent