Driving in to the sunset



..is every hopelessly romantic’s dream right? But how do you plan to drive anywhere without a driver’s license. That’s why I am doing the only responsible thing to do: taking my driver’s license.

Of course it also is a big pro that it is nearly half the price than what I would pay in Norway.

2014-11-12 12.00.35Tuesday evening I got a call from the drives school I am attending. They asked if I was available for the first practical lesson the following morning. I was a little anxious because I hadn’t even finished my first theory lesson but since there would be a safe space for me to drive in I though what the heck.

There were two of us and one teacher. We got a practice car each and where put behind the wheel. A short introduction and we were ready for the first lesson. I thought to myself that this would end horribly since I didn’t even know how to get the car moving.

To my surprise it was quite easy. The clutch made since but was tiresome to push and I flexed my foot so I nearly got a cramp. I felt like a pro behind the wheel, but got quite annoyed when I didn’t push the clutch gently enough and the car stopped.

We did some parking, forward and backwards maneuvering and of course driving an 8 and slalom. It was quite fun especially compared to the theory lessons. Now I feel like I have a mountain of theory before I can drive on the road. But that is probably for the best.

2014-11-12 12.02.28