Not in a bad way!


The Norwegian constitution day was 17th of may, which all Scandinavians probably know. But if you’re not Danish, do you know when Denmark has their constitution day? Me neither.

Two years ago, when me and Allan first started dating, I visited him in the start of June. He had a long weekend so i traveled from Oslo to see him. As we were walking to the train station I noticed that the busses where flagging (as they often do) and I asked him “why do the busses flag today?” He answered in a casual way, “oh, it’s Denmark’s constitution day”. Wait what? How can this pass by almost unnoticed? You have to understand that where I come from this day isn’t something that just flies by. No, in Norway you can’t miss 17th of may even if you wanted to.

This is roughly how 17th goes down:
– Wake up a little too early (especially if you have been celebrating the day before as well)
– Put on your national costume, bunad, and look adorkable.
– Either watch your local school’s parade with a banner for each grade or travel to the city center and watch the bigass parade with schools from all over Oslo, accompanied by marching bands and the King’s garde.
– Go home to your family and eat the biggest brunch this side of summer.
– If you have children, go to your local school for waffles and games.
– If you are a young adult or a high school graduate (also called “russ”) party your ass off.


There is a few variations to this recipe, but most Norwegians do it this way.

Every 5th of June I’ve been to Copenhagen, I’ve not seen a single parade. Not even a speech. I have heard rumours that they exist, but I’ve also heard rumours that wizards are real, but where’s my fucking wand?

The obvious reason for the big differences in celebration is that Norway is a quite young country. Sweden and Denmark have tossed us back and forth between them like the little brother we are, and after we finally got our constitution in 1814, we have been occupied one more time.
I think another reason why we have so different relation to our national costumes is that the Danish is kind of, umh, interesting? I won’t say ugly, but I won’t say flattering either. I’m just sayin’

  Danish national costume

 I love that we can out on our wierd 1800’s farmers cosplay once a year and celebrate that we have the right to fuck up our own country. Hurra!