“Curvy Girls”


I’m not a skinny girl. I wouldn’t say that I am obese in any way and although I feel my body is quite normal, I don’t fit societies “regular” size. If someone where to put my body type in a box, it would probably say “curvy girl”.

Now, the term “curvy girl” is very disputed. Urban Dictionary’s definition is “Fancy word for being fat but are pretty girls all the same. Nice tits that attract every guy at some point”. I am not going to mention the bad grammar or the heteronormativ, sjovenistic bullshit of that sentence. When I google search it the top results are everything from this:

V324377_RC661                       &                            nti-buxom-model-01-web

to this

large          &              gabi-fresh_400x295_11

Clearly no one really agrees on what curvy girl means. There is one thing we can be agree on though. Curvy girl is every body that does not fit size “regular”. The bodies you see above are apparently not regular bodies (please ignore the fact that they are photoshoped. Hard to find pictures that aren’t these days).

Why I was thinking about this today was that I have done some online shopping. Every time I encounter the term “one size, regular” I just close the window, no matter how damn cute the outfit was. Have you ever thought about how the size “medium” fits very few? (No hate to you beautiful people out there that use M, you lucky bastards). I used medium when i was 13. After puberty I could kiss that size goodbye. Medium is supposed to represent the median of the people. Don’t tell me that size 36/38 is the majority. Every time I shop I am told that I am large. In some shops I am even told that I am extra large. At my 159 cm I don’t feel very amazon like. That means that every time I shop I get a little tickle of a stab in my confidence (not that it is overflowing as it is). Because large is bad. Every woman knows it somewhere in her subconsciousness.

I am fighting very hard to not hate everything I see in the mirror. I have over the past years steadily gained weight as a result of PTSD and other fun mental issues. I am fighting with beak and claws to see my body type as beautiful. I know it is, but I have to slap myself right in the subconscious to see it and even then I am not totally convinced. I wish that someone would sincerely say that flabs can beautiful too. I want to see models that look like me on the big fashion billboards (you know just a lot taller and model like). I have seen enough Upworthy and Buzzfeed articles about how big is beautiful too, but it is apparently not beautiful enough for the public eye.

We are struggling with the massive pressure on weight and beauty here. Can someone at least throw us a rope or something?

Bonus pictures of me feeling DAMNED HOT.


Favorite dress!!!


I am one handsome motherfucker