Fake Gamer Girl


Ever since I discovered Heroes of Might and Magic III on my families old box computer as a little girl, I’ve searched for the perfect game I could dedicate my life to (not literally). I’ve fought my way through Age of Empires, Settlers and all the other old strategy games, swam through the depths of The Sims 2, 3 and 4, starved in Don’t starve, ruined people’s lives in Sims City and Cities Skylines and cursed my way through League of Legends, yet here I sit with a not very impressive steam account.

Still, I feel like I’m closing in. Recently I’ve been sucked in to the world of Arun in the MMORPG TERA. I had no idea I was an MMO kind of girl, but we all have dark sides. Steam said I have clocked a little over a houndred hours so far, but to be fair I have let the game run some while I’ve taken a shower, made dinner etc.

My 2nd character, the gunner Frei

My 2nd character, the gunner Frei

For some reason I really like TERA and I find it kind of weird since I am not very fond of neither online games or FPS battle systems. I am actually surprised I ever wanted to try such a game. Although this is the game I play the most, alongside Lol, it isn’t the game I am looking for (get it?)


Where is the nice adventure game which has the beauty of Skyrim, the battle system of League, an interesting lore and where I am not disturbed by 12 year old boys who pull my ponytail (and with that I mean verbally harass me from here to the seventh hell). My gamer skills aren’t that high and I’m a very emotional gamer. I am easily scared and I don’t like zombies (/gouhls/undeads/necromancy etc). The Elderscrolls games and those alike them could be ideal if it were not for the scary dungeons filled with undeads and mega spiders.

Perhaps there is no such game. Perhaps I am destined to game second choice games forever. Oh, how did I fall in such bad luck. #firstworldproblems.

Fryd, my first love. The clothing is REDUNCULOUS

Fryd, my first TERA love. The clothing is REDUNCULOUS

My abandoned child, Jerv

My abandoned TERA child, Jerv