Coming home for Christmas


After a good long holyday, I really need another holiday. I went home to Oslo for Christmas and had an ambivalent time. My family is quite extraordinary and loud. There is never a quiet moment at dinner and there are feelings, both good and bad, everywhere. It is lovely and really exhausting. Of course it was also splendid in so many ways and my family is just amazing, but it was also the last time I lived home for real. Actually it felt a bit like I was on vacation and not home, but it was still the “coming back home”-feeling. Weird stuff.

I loved the Christmas feeling i got from Oslo, my family and all our old traditions. I’m an old lady in many was and one of them is my feeling about traditions. I simply love them and I have the hardest time parting from them. But luckily my family Christmas hadn’t changed too much. We decorated the tree 23rd and sang for it the morning after (with Aquavit, which I always pretend-drink). We ate rice porridge with grandmother at my dad’s and went to Nesodden and my other grandmothers new apartment to celebrate Christmas Eve with my mother, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandmother and my mothers fiancé.

We had such a lovely time. The dinner was delightful with all the right ingredients and we ended up on the floor laughing after dancing around the Christmas tree (thanks to my Swedish uncle, who don’t know the Norwegian lyrics and danced  the hoola instead). The presents were so thoughtful and nice and this was the first year I could notice my being “grown up”. I got numerous pair of woollen socks and underwear (which I had wished for) and stuff like candlestick, teapot, creams and beauty products and last but not least a course for drivers license! The last one gives me grown-up-points, but does not make me grown up though.

The rest of my stay in Oslo was family dinner parties and a trip to Tryvann ski-centre with my brother. It was fun seeing him trying out his new “telemark-ski” but not so fun skiing in the rain.

The evening of 27th I took the plane back to Copenhagen. I wanted to be there for the morning of 29th so I could surprise Allan with cake and present on the bed for his birthday. That same evening we celebrated it with a Norway themed party (it was his idea!). I made waffles for 40 people and we drank aquavit. It was all in all a big success and a great evening. Allan was happy and I did my duties as a good girlfriend.

I had the best new years eve I have had in many years. We celebrated with his friends in real Danish spirit. There were good food, bubbles to drink and we watched (THE WRONG VERSION) Dinner for one (Grevinnen og hovmesteren in Norwegian). When the clock stroke twelve we jumped off a chair and in to the new year (wonderful Danish culture..) and we watched the magnificent fireworks from the window. I called my parents and wept of joy and nervous excitement for the new year. It was the greatest evening in a long time (thank you darling).

So the new year begins and I finally have my name on the doorbell and mailbox. We are almost finished with the ikea-hell and this weekend I met both his parents. And one last exciting news: I am officially a citizen of Denmark

My borther trying out his new telemark-ski

My borther trying out his new telemark-ski

Christmas Eve

All the child me an Allan could wish for. It's name is Trevor (Træ-vår)

All the child me and Allan could wish for. It’s name is Trevor (Træ-vår)


Job interview



getlstd-property-photoSince I am moving to Copenhagen, and I’m not planning to study in the nearest future, I need a job. I have sent out application after application, but I am aware that it is more difficult to get a job in Denmark, than in Norway. Given my language and young age I was not very optimistic..

But I have an interview tomorrow! I didn’t think i would go this fast.

The job is at a cafe near Kastrup Airport, and it is called Cafe Le Perr. I am nervous out of my mind! Okay, remember to breathe…

Wish me luck! 😀