IMG_5150IMG_5083My beautiful and wize mother is quite amazing. She’s just fantastic in general, but this time I had one particualer thing in mind. For my 20th birthday she got me an extraodanary present, a weekend stay at Kokkedal Castle near Copenhagen.
The weekend was full of fancy treatments and delicious meals. We got there Friday evening and had some dinner in the late 1800’s style library bar. After a couple of cocktails we retired to our room and watched some dearly missed Norwegian tv until we fell asleep. I haven’t seen (Norwegian) tv for a very long time and it was very nice and comforting.

IMG_5117Saturday we had a longer itinerary. It started with a breakfast in the 1700’s basement of the castle. There were no free tables so we got the secluded Le Chambre with a big round table and velvet curtains that separated us from the rest of the guests. It  felt very fancy and VIP and just a pinch silly. I was granted a yoga session to go with my stay and Allan and I tried couples-yoga after breakfast. We went out in the sun filled Castle garden and got our zen going on a surprisingly warm October’s morning. It was truly peaceful and breathtaking.


Just chillin’

Making some friends

Making some friends

Handsome devil

Handsome devil









Next thing on the list was of course the spa. I was the lucky one and had a aroma massage while Allan soaked in the pool and steam room. At the end of it all we felt like two fat kittens who had relaxed in the sun all day. After a walk in the neighbourhood forest it was time for dinner. Caviar, champagne and poussin, nothing short for the birthday girl this year.

IMG_5208 (1)On Sunday we were leaving, but we got to catch the afternoon tea for we went back to the real world. We got the old school treatment with small sandwiches, mini cakes and petit four, started with a glass of champagne of course. It wouldn’t be afternoon tea without champagne..right.

Anyway we had a blast. We felt like nobles and got so spoiled we should only eat rice for a week to calm down. Lovely weekend, great service and Worlds (Lol) is coming up. Life is kinda okay



Before dinner in the sunset


Saying goodbye















What a perfect day.


My Christmas present for Allan was tickets to see the “Skammarens Datter” marathon, theatre based on a fantasy series I loved when I was younger (and I still do). We saw it yesterday and man, my head got blown. Luckily for me it was quite a long time ago I read the books so I only remembered bits of the tale and was surprised, exited, scared, happy and angry throughout the six hours we where there. You see, they did book 1 and 2 with dinner in the middle.

We had the best seats one could wish for, the food was really great and medieval, I had the best company in the whole world and it really made me feel special.

We had a lovely walk back home just in time to change into really brown clothing. We were invited to a 30th birthday celebration with 70’s theme. My darling had bought the most delightfully awful jacket and I went full out apache. It was such a great party and lots of new and old awesome friends.

I could not have wished for a better day ❤

tyra-70er-3 tyra-70er-8