So this is it. Adulthood.

Just like I joined the grown ups’ ranks at my confirmation when I was 15 and became an adult when I was 18. It is again time to grow up with a new milestone. 20.


IMG_4897Although everyone says it’s overrated, I thought it would feel different, more special. I value birthdays very highly since it is a celebration of life and that you exist. There is nothing bigger than that, now is it? This year wasn’t like the others though. I had lower expectations than I used to and I wasn’t as exited. Luckily for me I have an amazing partner and family and they made my day incredible. It was quite some time since I last had some much happiness in so little time. I was surprised that they went to such lengths for me, but furthermore I think it’s weird that I am surprised over it. Why should I be when I know they are such fantastic people and that they indeed love me very much. Especially considering all the incredible birthdays my family has made for me all my life. It has always been special and original.

Now that it’s over I truly feel like it is a new era. Not that it changed overnight. I have felt it coming for some time now. Moving out from my parents, moving in with Allan, not to mention moving to a different country. I have grown so much living life a different way and sharing my life with another as I do with Allan. It is different than I imagined, it is better than I imagined.

For the first time in a couple of years I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope I am not imagining things. Here’s to hope.

Thank you all.


Allan suprised me on my birthday and took me around town with a great many suprises. He is so amazing.

Allan suprised me on my birthday and took me around town with a great many suprises. He is so amazing.



Our house


..in the middle of the street.

When I moved in with Allan the apartment got a bit crammed. He almost hadn’t room enough for his own clothes, and no where near mine. Since then we have had numerous trips to IKEA, some more productive than others. We (mostly Allan) have built so much closet that we deserve a medal. Still there is so much more to build. We need shelves, a new bed, tables, lamps, drawers etc, and it’s not free either.

I thought I had no problem managing a minimalistic style, but I realise that I need room for my systems. With all the time I use in this apartment, this has become more and more important. If we don’t fix this soon I think I might go insane. It’s not that we’re not working on it, it just takes time and money. Why can’t the crew on extreme home makeovers pay a visit?

Does anyone have any tips or tricks that might help?2014-01-07 16.04.58



Since I don’t have a job yet I use most of my current days at home. My boyfriend is one of those grownups with a real job and stuff so I am mostly stuck at home, alone. Yes, I know that kind of makes me a temporary housewife… Damnit.

But I have come to realize the wonders of being a housewife. It is so satisfying doing the dishes and the feeling I get when I make the apartment nice for Christmas, it’s just fantastic. I probably take too much joy in having nice boxes, glasses and bottles for spices and tea. But I just can’t help it.

Not to mention the awesome reality show I get to listen to. You see, the walls of our apartment isn’t really soundproof… I mean, I can hear the neighbour peeing. And there is one neighbour, the one to the left, who is regularly shouting once in a while. I think he lives alone so I have guessed that the TV is the one he is shouting to. But still, you never know.

I know all you fabulous feminists out there is probably hatin’ on me right now, but hear me out. As an independent and strong woman it is my right to enjoy the same thing most women did in the 50’s. There is nothing wrong buying napkins, candles and flowers instead of ice cream and candy when I’m down.

I know I will go insane if this was to be my new life, but just for a month or so, it is actually quite nice. Of course except the long days when I’m terribly lonely.

Yeah, I should get out of the house more often…

I will show you a couple of examples of how awesome it is to be a houswife..