Interesting morning


Mmmmorning… Oh my dawg! My head is spinning and my stomach apparently wants to get out through my mouth. Just great. The day of my first job interview in Denmark is of course the day I’m sick for the first time in forever. Just my luck. I thought I would faint when I brushed my teeth, but I discovered that it was the kitchen floor I was meeting today. After my faceplant in the kitchen I was just about to head to the interview when I got to see the half apple I had managed to eat, coming up again. That at least stilled the nausea until I got to the S-train. I stumbled my way to the interview and arrived just a couple of minutes late due to the fact that I had walked 10 minutes in the wrong direction first.

The interview was very pleasant. The guy I talked with was really nice and the cafe was lovely. I was a bit awkward though, but at least I smiled the whole time. He made me a really good latte and it was all in all a very terrifying and nice experience.

I really do hope I get the job, but I’m not so optimistic due to my young age and lack of experience. Nevertheless I’m heading back later this week so they can see how I work and so on. I’m excited and very nervous. I really hope I get the job!


Job interview



getlstd-property-photoSince I am moving to Copenhagen, and I’m not planning to study in the nearest future, I need a job. I have sent out application after application, but I am aware that it is more difficult to get a job in Denmark, than in Norway. Given my language and young age I was not very optimistic..

But I have an interview tomorrow! I didn’t think i would go this fast.

The job is at a cafe near Kastrup Airport, and it is called Cafe Le Perr. I am nervous out of my mind! Okay, remember to breathe…

Wish me luck! 😀