Grow up


I did similar posts on my previous blog (12, 3) but I may have changed views since I have now tried being a grown up for a month or two.

It’s fucking hard. Excuse my language but it is. Why didn’t anyone prepare me for this. I thought that as soon as I turned 18 I would understand. When realisation hit me and I felt no different from when I was 17 I hoped that at least with time it would get better. Still all the “encouragement” I get is the sentence “yeah, I know, we real grownups think it’s hard and really difficult too”. So you mean it doesn’t get better?! Snip dangit.

We were brainwashed as kids. When I was little I always wanted, as every child did, to be older. First I wanted to start school and then I wanted to be a teenager. When I was thirteen i wanted to be sixteen and when I was sixteen I wanted to be eighteen. I almost wish I stayed at age five longer.

I guess I haven’t change view on life since I wrote the last post. I still wish the book “Life for dummies” existed and that I could somehow hack life.

The job I mentioned I got? Yeah, well, I haven’t heard from them since before Christmas, and they don’t respond to my messages. It’s a major step back and the obligatory self disappointment comes with it. 

My brother and I at the day of my 18th birthday,

My brother and I at the day of my 18th birthday,


I can’t belive it


Last week, after the job interview I went back to try to work a couple of hours. Today I sent a message asking how it looked and here is what he told me:

He said that I was not really experienced enough but they thought I was really nice (“sød”) and wanted to give me a shot anyway! That means that I will have a sort of trial period where I get to know the routines and such and my hours a week will slowly grow from there. That means ladys and gentlemen, that I got a job!


I don’t believe it.

Job interview



getlstd-property-photoSince I am moving to Copenhagen, and I’m not planning to study in the nearest future, I need a job. I have sent out application after application, but I am aware that it is more difficult to get a job in Denmark, than in Norway. Given my language and young age I was not very optimistic..

But I have an interview tomorrow! I didn’t think i would go this fast.

The job is at a cafe near Kastrup Airport, and it is called Cafe Le Perr. I am nervous out of my mind! Okay, remember to breathe…

Wish me luck! 😀