Date night! Seems like ages since we went out, but today we went to the movies. I have wanted to see Frozen for a long time and dragged Allan along.

It’s not much to say about it really. The movie was nice and so sweet that we were close to getting diabetes. It was classic Disney with prince charming, prince not-so-charming, a funny sidekick, animals with a lot of body language, princesses and castles. The aesthetics was wonderful and at the end of the movie we were so exited the we held around each other until we were almost crushed. And yes Allan though the movie was ever so cute (but don’t tell anyone!)

Afterwards we went to an Irish pub and got something hot to drink. The cider was mediocre and the atmosphere less than nice, so we went home pretty quickly and gamed some Lol.

I will say, go see Frozen! It will make you laugh, I promise.November 1st, 2013 @ 20:51:56


Hobbitten II


(Yes, that is the Danish title…)

Ermahgerd!!! Mind. Blown!

The awesome Danish role-playing organisation Bifrost arranged a secret pre-preview of the sequel in the Hobbit trilogy (that was weird to write). Me and my lovely boyfriend headed to the cinema Dagmar after my job interview and then got our minds blow. I won’t write to much about it because I am no spoiler, but I will say this:

hobbit_barrelThe barrel scene!!!